If the potential customer has developed an interest in the product after the initial touchpoint on the customer journey, then further targeted communication with effective content is required.

Played out over the right channels, qualitative content ensures greater attention and leads the interested person into the world of the product or brand in more depth. 

VERTIKOM Influence ensures attention-grabbing and convincing visibility in all relevant media areas. With content and influencer marketing, as well as creative-innovative PR, a link is created between the potential buyer and a product, and this convinces the buyer and further reinforces their decision.


  • PR consultancy
  • Product-PR
  • Event-PR
  • Press office and representation
  • Corporate communication
  • PR Product launch
  • Media Relations
  • PR advertisement planning and PR budget management
  • Sponsorship and brand cooperation
  • VIP features
Georg Linnerth



Managing Director
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